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Add-on module for Linear Servo Base Unit ideal to introduce intermediate control concepts, involving dynamics and control similar to the inverted pendulum experiment. Includes Seesaw Pendulum coupling for Seesaw Pendulum experiment (this setup requires two Seesaw and two IP02 units).

Includes Laboratory Guide, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and pre-designed controllers.

System Configuration for Simulink: For operation, the system requires: - Linear Servo Base Unit - Q2-USB data acquisition device - VoltPAQ-X1 amplifier - QUARC real-time control software

System Configuration for LabVIEW: For operation, the system requires: - Linear Servo Base Unit - QRCP real-time control software - VoltPAQ-X1 amplifier and one of the following options: - NI myRIO with Quanser Terminal Board for NI myRIO - NI cRIO controller with 1x Q1-cRIO module - NI M- or X- series DAQ with Quanser NI Terminal Board - Q2-USB data acquisition device